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Jan. 15th, 2014


Stepping down

Hey guys,

I've been thinking about this for a while and have finally decided to step down as moderator/maintainer of this community. Because let's face it, I haven't had time to moderate and maintain much of anything for months! I've always felt like this community has the potential to be a safe and inspiring haven for a lot of creative people, but I'm unable to get it there right now.

If any of you are interested in taking over the role of moderator and trying to drum up new interest in the community, let me know and I'll hand it off!

Otherwise, I'll just leave it here for you all to run amok at will. :)

Happy 2014, and BEST of luck with all your creative goals!!


Jan. 14th, 2014

Phalia McCorkle-Kester

Mid January Goals

Hopefully I will be back to posting on here twice. That will be my goal for February!

Here are my mid-Jan. goals

1. Finish deep edits to Cycles. So I went through the numbered critiques from the editor and now I need to get on to the meaty things that will add (or take away) LOTS of words. My big deal goal is to finish this by the end of the month. My hope is to send this book back out to betas/CPs by mid-February and hopefully start querying by the end of February or beginning of March. (Whew!)

2. Write four blog posts for February. I am doing good on this project for my personal blog but really need to amp it up for the business blog.

What are your January goals?

Dec. 10th, 2013

Phalia McCorkle-Kester

Mid December Goals

It has been a while since I posted, and I desperately need to post and get these goals out there. This quarter of grad school ends Sunday and gives me a 2 week break (1 of which is a vacation week from work!). So I feel the following goals should be obtainable:

1. Finish edits to Cycles. I sent this novel off to an editor for review because I need a little more than what my CPs were offering and she sent me 4 pages of great stuff! I love this novel - so much that I couldn't get vested in my Nano project. I want to finish this book - need to finish this book:)
2. Write four blog posts for January. I really have to start building a little blog bank for myself because school and work and now draining my energy.

What are your December goals?

Oct. 30th, 2013


November Goals!


I will be writing for Nanowrimo this year and it will be my first one!  Well I did Camp Nano but it's not the same really.  My username is Winryky if you are doing it too and want to add me.  My goal is about 70 000 words since I want a more complete first draft then I would get with the 50 000 word goal.  The idea for this book spawned from my camp nano book but the setting is now medievalish fantasy instead of urban fantasy and well it's quite different so I am scrapping all work on my camp nano book and focusing on this one since I have a series idea now.  I update with word counts, excerpts and descriptions all the time on the Nano website!  Good luck to any one else participating!

Oct. 1st, 2013

Phalia McCorkle-Kester

October Goals (I'm back!)

So I briefly disappeared and now I'm trying to get back on track. My goals for October are as follows:

1. Proofread my book on my nook in preparation for the editor. I have an October 20th deadline for this. I'm excited!

2. Outline my nanowrimo book. Right now I have TONS of little post it note ideas so I want to take a weekend to just review the notes and then pick one to outline.

3. Build up a month's worth of blog posts for my personal blog and my work blog. School is starting to rear its ugly head, so I really need to build this up to keep from disappearing again:)

How are you guys doing?

Aug. 13th, 2013

Phalia McCorkle-Kester

Mid August Goals

So I have been MIA for a bit of the summer - okay maybe much of the summer. School and everything else in the world got the best of me! So now I am trying to get back on track. Here are goals I set for myself on Sunday, August 11.

1. Blog. I want to post at least 3 blogs on my personal blog and 3 on my business blog by the end of the month. I have accomplished 1 a piece!

2. Write. I would like to finish sketching out the sequel to my NA Scifi while its fresh on my head. Vacation trip to Washington, DC really helped! I wrote a little while on vacation so now I want to keep up the momentum.

3. Revisions. I must, MUST finish these revisions! I am giving myself a 30 page goal for the end of the month. I also have a cute little Picture Book story I wrote that I want to revise.

Thats all for me. I am happy to see all you guys have accomplished this summer:)

Jul. 30th, 2013


July Follow-up

So July wasn't too bad... except for that whole "book that I'm supposed to be writing" thing. But we can't win them all.

- Send quarterly newsletter (mid-July) {it's written and will go out tomorrow... following the Cress cover reveal!}
- Draft Cress prequel, send to editor
- Draft companion short story, send to editor
- Draft Rampion & satellite schematics, send to editor
- Clear out interview requests
- Comic-con!!

- Website maintenance
- Complete Winter 2nd draft, read-through, send to betas {haha. hahaha. ha. I think I wrote about 25K words, which is about 75K words less than I'd intended. Ah well.}

I've been planning for August to be a much-needed vacation month all year, so I'll be foregoing August goals for a "relax and read and write when I feel like it" approach. Which I am SO looking forward to!!

Will be back to uber-productivity in September. :)

Have a great August, everyone!

Jul. 25th, 2013


Glad to be Back (And August Goals)

Sorry I've been away!  Long story short I was in a car accident early this summer and had a moderate concussion with knee and neck injuries as a result so I've been resting and recovering.  I'm still taking it easy but I am well enough to write now.  I have a shiny new idea but I will have to take it slow so my August Goals are:

-  Finish my brief outline
-  Write a 2-3 page synopsis
-  Start a scene by scene outline *maybe*

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and is getting some vacation time.  :)

Jun. 30th, 2013

m e r m a i d | heart at sea


fancy new angel has fancy new goals

It's been a while, eh? But I'm back and trying to be more accountable to myself for all the things I need to do.


- finish my current MS with the assistance of Camp NaNo
- catch up on all my pending reviews
- start planning out a new MS

Just three this month, because they're all huge goals. I'm going to be happy if I manage to accomplish even one of these things in the next 30 days.

Good luck, everyone! Hope you get to enjoy your summer while you're working on your goals!


Game on, July.

June is over! (Almost.) How'd everybody do?

My June goals were...

- Cress: review page proofs
- Winter: 1/3 through Draft #2 {I got about 1/5 through}
- Outline two short stories
- Plan foreign editions giveaway(s)

- A little bit of website maintenance
- Either plant back flower bed OR clean out the closet

I'm pretty happy with that, although July is going to be CRAZY if I'm going to get through this draft of Winter in order to take August as a vacation month.

So let's see...


- Send quarterly newsletter (mid-July)
- Complete Winter 2nd draft, read-through, send to betas
- Draft Cress prequel, send to editor
- Draft companion short story, send to editor
- Draft Rampion & satellite schematics, send to editor
- Clear out interview requests
- Website maintenance
- Comic-con!! (incl. costumes for me & husband)

Alrighty then. *rolls up sleeves*

Good luck this month, everyone!

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